About heart and pride

Heart and Pride Wrestling was established to provide the Texas wrestling community with a comprehensive developmental program, with a focus on improving the technique, strength & conditioning, strategy, and mental toughness of each athlete. Heart and Pride Wrestling is open year-round with multiple program options to better serve our athletes. This program is for the serious competitor that is willing to commit their time, body, and minds to become champions.


Heart and Pride is more than wrestling, it’s a way of life. Our staff is committed to help each athlete develop the work ethic, technique, mental toughness, and physicality needed to compete at the highest level of wrestling.

Our goal is to instill hard work, discipline, dedication, and commitment in each of our athletes. It is our philosophy that with these skills, every athlete will have the tools required to become successful in all of life’s pursuits. Through innovative training techniques and multiple program options, our developmental system will inspire athletes to strive for greatness and do whatever it takes to achieve their individual goals.

The two hardest things to teach an athlete is to have Heart and Pride, if you wish to be a champion in life and on the mat Heart and Pride Wrestling Club is for you!

Who can JOIN?

Anyone can join Heart and Pride including girls. In recent years, the fastest growth in participation has come from states, such as Hawaii, Texas, California and Washington. These states have set up state tournaments for both girls and boys wrestling. Girls and boys currently in grades 6th through High school can participate and are welcomed to become the best athlete possible.


All Coaches are USA wrestling certified, receives annual background checks, attend annual professional development conferences and are trained annually through Safe Sports. Our certified coaching staff are educators with over 60 years of experience in coaching in various states. They are current employees of Leander ISD and Austin ISD.

Randy Bryant
Gerome Evans
Christopher Lynch
Gabriel Lensing
Patrick Timmons
Shania Williams
Adam Everson

Current Programs

Heart and Pride Wrestling offers multiple program options throughout the year. Whether you’re a beginner to the sport or an elite athlete wrestler this is the best program in the Austin area. With one of the best coaching staffs in the state we are confident our wrestlers will consistently have success at all levels of the sport.We are confident that we can help take your young athlete to the next level.

Choose only one program. Please allow up to 24 hours to get a return email after enrolling. 

There is a registration fee of $25, which can be paid on-site. 

HPWC Youth Wrestling

Heart and Pride Wrestling Club offers wrestling club membership to all boys and girls of all ages. Having a membership allows you access to all wrestling classes held at our facility. Classes include technique and competition classes.

Youth membership is ideal for those who have no wrestling experience and are ages 13 and younger.


MASTER INSTITUTE will be hosting our first annual Fall Fundraiser. This fundraiser will help fund facility upgrades such as doors, fans, decor, and new training equipment. As well as additional funds used for marketing and sponsoring students to grow our community. 

We will be selling food plates with the options of chicken, brisket, and vegan options with sides. Along with the plate sales we will be raffling off prizes and giving free raffle tickets to those who bring new friends to the event. We’re super excited about hosting and look forward to a great day to sit down, have some great food, and get to know our wonderful members more.

Date & Time:
  • September 17th
  • 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Plate pricing
  • $10.00 – Chicken, potato salad, rice & beans along with trimmings.
  • $12.00 – Brisket, potato salad, rice & beans along with trimmings.
  • $8.00 – Vegan, beans/quinoa, burger, chips, and trimmings. 
  • Dicks Sporting Goods Gift Card
  • HEB Gift Card
  • HP & MA Merchandise
  • $2.00/Ticket
  • 1 Free ticker per friend you bring
  • Laser tag
  • Corn hole
  • Basketball
  • Additional games and activities for the kids

HPWC Annual Summer Wrestling Camp 2022

It’s about to be a hot summer in Austin!!! Join us for our 2nd Annual Co-ed Wrestling Camp… With camp featured instructors Nate Jackson, Freddie “The3comebackkid” Rodriguez and Adam Everson. Michigan, South Dakota and Illinois finest come together all under one roof in this fire wrestling camp!


Please register each participant individually.

 $300 + $11.12 administrative fees 
Date & Time:
Start: Mon, July 25, 2022 9:00 AM
End: Wed, July 27, 2022 4:00 PM
Camp times are as follow: 
First session 9am-12pm 
Lunch 12pm-1pm
Second session 1pm-4pm

Spring Break Camp - 2022

Spring Break Skills Camp- MASTER INSTITUTE spring break camp is on sale now! Your child will be having a ton of fun with martial arts, wrestling, athletic development, and academics. This camp is designed for kids who are serious about becoming athletes and take pride in their education. 
8:30 AM early drop off
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Masters Institute Enrichment Summer Camp

Masters Institute summer camp is all about growing athletically and academically over the summer. This is an 8-week program that is in session from June until August. During this program a child will participate in academic courses that provide rigor that will improve your child mental growth over the summer. Children will also participate in high quality athletic training that will provide physical and mental maturity. Courses include S.T.E.M, Music, Financial literacy, Martial Arts, Wrestling, Nutrition and more. Camp includes guest college and professional technicians in athletics and academics as well as group visits to companies that provide an in depth learning experience.

8:30 AM early drop off
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
FULL & HALF DAY CAMP OPTIONS. Please use discounts for half day options!
Discount code for half day = HALFDAY


Parents/Guardians will be notified of days off because of holidays.

S.A.F.E 18 Womens Self Defense Workshop

Distracted, one hand loaded with a bag, one holding a double latte, a woman leaves the store with a cell phone pressed to her shoulder and ear.
Random attacks occur every single day …and they are crimes of opportunity. When a criminal decides whom to attack, these stereotypes present easy opportunities. How can you minimize risk? 
Awareness is the first step!
• Learn how to reduce your appeal to attackers by increasing your awareness of your surroundings.
• Improve your ability to observe and to recognize potential dangers, greatly reducing the chances of you becoming the next opportunity.
A prickling feeling on your neck, your heart begins to race…you sense that someone is there, that something isn’t quite right.
Your response is under your control!
• How can you improve your chances of responding in a way that ensures you make it home to your loved ones after a terrifying incident?
• Learn how to control your emotional response by building confidence and increasing your awareness – both of the danger and of your options.
• Turn your heightened awareness into control, giving yourself a greater chance to emerge from a bad situation successfully.
Walking home late one evening, a teen is confronted by an ex-boyfriend who won’t take ‘No’ for an answer.
You’ve done everything you can – completely aware of your surroundings, you considered the potential dangers, prepared to meet them, and have controlled your emotional response. Yet you still find yourself in a bad situation, victimized and in serious danger.
Everyone can master basic evasion techniques!
• You don’t need a black belt to understand and effectively use basic self-defense techniques. 
• Learn the simple, powerful tools to fight back and get away when you’re faced with a situation that has turned physical.
• Techniques include defense against standing, sitting, and ground attacks for both men and women.
WHEN: Sunday, March 20th
TIME: 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
FEE: $49 
LOCATION: 190 N Bagdad Rd Leander, TX Ste C300
PHONE: 512-337-7123


Heart and Pride Wrestling Club Membership

Heart and Pride Wrestling Club offers wrestling club membership to all boys and girls of all ages. Having a membership allows you access to all wrestling classes held at our facility. Classes include technique and competition classes.

Start Date: On-going year round
Session Times:
Monday: 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM,
Tuesday: 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM / 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM,
Wednesday: 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM / 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM,
Thursday: 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM / 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM,
Sunday: 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Parents/Guardians will be notified of days off because of holidays.

Heart and Pride Adult Wrestling Club Membership

Heart and Pride Adult Wrestling Club offers wrestling club membership to all athletes that are high school graduates and which to continue or learn the sport wrestling. Our adult classes are open mat classes that can use to train for other events, get in shape or just have fun. Having a membership allows you access to all adult wrestling classes held at our facility.

Start Date: On-going year round
Session Times:
Friday: 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Saturday: 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Boot Camp

Losing that last 10-20 pounds can be the most difficult task of all which is why
Masters Institute has developed fitness boot camps. The emphasis is on weight loss
and to prepare the participant(s) for a long term fitness plan. Participants are
encouraged to work at their own pace while feeding off the energy and drive of
other participants and instructor(s).

Start Date: On-going year round
Session Times:
4 Week Program(s)

Private Fit

This program allows clients to find their fitness comfort zone through personalized, one to one training and allows the participants to open up in a stress free, structured environment.

Start Date: On-going year round
Session Times:
1 Session
4 Sessions
8 Sessions
12 Sessions

Group Fit

Masters Institutes Group Fit programs are designed with the “groups” overall fitness goals in mind, whether it’s weight loss, muscle tone, flexibility or a combination. Groups can be teams, businesses, families, friends or whatever group of people want to get together for common fitness goals. This program allows the groups to focus on their overall goals without the distraction of a larger group atmosphere. Groups can vary from as few as 4 to as many as 15.

Start Date: On-going year round
Session Times:
1 Session
4 Sessions
8 Sessions
12 Sessions

Program Schedule

Friendly Reminder:

Practice times are below; we expect wrestlers, after family obligations, to be at practice and on time.

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